What's included in the JFW?

Team & Concept

Filmmaking is a team sport. Each team will have its very own Israeli PA, and will work together through all stages of the process, from developing the concept (as part of a predetermined theme, set by the JFW) to fine-tuning the final product. You will have one specific and constant role in the production: Director, producer, cinematographer or editor.

Mentors & Masterclasses

In addition to a variety of masterclasses led by prominent figures in the Israeli film industry, you will develop a close relationship with the workshop’s mentors - award winning Israeli filmmakers - through all stages of the workshop. In accordance with your relevant field, you’ll boost your skills in scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, production and directing.

Shoot in Magical Locations & Explore
the Historic Land

Portraying a character in Jerusalem’s ancient alleys and magical locations will take you to places in your imagination you have never visited before. Jerusalem is filled with alluring passageways and mystical ancient structures that will introduce you to a new world of inspiration. Plus, you will get to explore Israel’s exclusive sites, through your eyes or those of your fellow travelers

Editing & Post Production

While the team’s director and the editor will be busy editing - with the intimate help of the mentors - the team’s producer and cinematographer will have more professional masterclasses and learning experiences. Each team will have sessions with a color grading pro and a sound engineering expert in a professional studio, to reach a truly professional product.

International Festivals Screenings

Participants will be given VIP entry into the International Jerusalem Film Festival. Also, the world premiere of your film in this acclaimed festival, would only be the starting point. GREEN Productions would be in charge of distribution, and through our strong partnerships with festivals all around the globe, we guarantee many exciting screenings of your creation.

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